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The Living History Centre Library contains over 3,000 volumes. It functions as a research library (not a lending library) and is available to teachers, artists, directors, performers, and students by written request to

Please include a brief summary of your research project. The library is located in Novato, California.

The library catalogue can be searched and viewed on LibraryThing at

Recommended Places & Organizations

The LHC recommends the following institutions and organizations engaged in Living History programs and experiences for the public:

Classroom Living History

Classroom Living History (CLH) is utilized by interpreters/instructors in schools throughout the United States. The LHC is always interested in learning about the individuals and programs utilizing first person interpretation. Please email any information and reviews of such programs you wish to share with us to

Online Resources

We are developing a list of recommended websites that provide living-history-related resources in costuming, daily life, art, education,

and authentically focused events.  Please send links to any sites you would like us to consider at

Publications & Teaching Guides

This resource will expand to include books as well as free PDF downloads of LHC publications from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. If you have recommendations, please email us at


Basic Faire Language Guide (PDF)

Here for your individual use (not for publication) is one of the better examples of the kind of LHC resources we are delighted to be able to share on this website. Enjoy ~ and do let us know if you find it useful!  Please note:  This document is from 1989.  The Living History Centre is no longer affiliated with the The Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

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